Valentines day : Trends & Tips

Hi My Beautiful Friends,

I hope you all are having lovely weekend. I was preparing for a technical presentation I have this weekend and hence I was at home whole weekend preparing for it. What are you looking forward to this week?

This season Valentines day colour is not red but pink. If you see Gucci website their whole limited edition collection is pink. I am very excited about the latest trends, 2018 colours are green, yellow, pinks and oranges. It will be fun to play with these colours and style outfits.



As you all know, Valentines day is close, and honestly I feel Valentines Day is a hype. I believe every day should be a valentines day for a couple, celebrating their love & togetherness. However I think in any case having a date night is special, but most of the times restaurants are so busy and noisy you don’t enjoy your personal space (plus save money). I prefer celebrating Valentines day at home but not in a boring way.

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What I did is, I made some Chambord Royale Cocktail, served some samosas, chips, chocolates, and friands, all the things that I love with this cocktail and voila. Snacks & drinks for unlimited chats for your date is ready. For dinner I just marinated some food for barbecue. All you need is little bit of preparation.


The key to feel like you are on date is to get ready properly as if you are going out for dinner and sit. Play some music that you like, sip your drink and enjoy. Just in case you want to know my outfit details.

My Outfit details: 

Bardot dress : Just $20 (click here)

Shoes : Saint Laurent (Click Here)

Handbag : Mulberry mini crossbody bag

Chambord Royale recipe :

Pour chilled Prosecco in a white wine glass and fill the glass up upto 60%. Add Chambord 15 ml and if you have add 1 raspberry. Your Chambord Royale is ready!

TIP : Raspberry and chocolate are made in heaven combo so if you like chocolates, add chocolates in your platter.


I hope you like this post and found it helpful. Have a happy and lovely Valentines day with your special one.




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