My Morning Routine : Skincare & Nightwear

Hi My Gorgeous Friends,

First of all, how cute are these night suits? I bought them from Peter Alexander and they are so comfortable, beautiful and luxe. If you want to purchase them I will link them below so you can buy them.


Today I thought to do a bit of a different video where I post my morning routine and post the morning skincare products I have been loving since past few months. I used Clinique skincare products by far but last time when I ran out of it I thought to try a different brand. Guess what !! I bought the most talked about brand SK-II.

I bought my SK-II Essence Kit from Sephora. I Love how beautiful skin has become after I have started using this brand. I use Facial Treatment mask, its works like a cleanser and it is gentle on my skin. It has very water like consistency and I love it because I have very oily skin.

After that I apply Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. It is beautiful, again lightweight and absorbs in skin super fast and in the end I apply Facial Treatment Mask. I enjoy wearing them under my makeup as well.

s1573062-main-zoom(Note. This pic is by Sephora.)

If you want know know in close up how my skin looks like recently,

Snapshot 15

I hope you liked my quick writeup about my morning routine. If you have any questions regarding my Skincare routine please leave a comment and I will reply you as soon as I receive them.

Thank you,




One thought on “My Morning Routine : Skincare & Nightwear”

  1. You should try the RNA line out too (I’ve done a review on my blog if you’re interesting in reading up 😉 )! It’s great especially in winter! Love the post!



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